31 Devotionals to Focus Individuals and Families on the True Meaning of Christmas

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It’s that time of year again when much of the world plunges headlong into a gift-buying frenzy that is wrapped in ribbon & tinsel, decorated with evergreen trees & winter themes, boxed with stories of Santa Claus and given with the words, “Merry Christmas.”  For Christians seeking to maintain some symbol of truth when using the word “Christ” it can be a very confusing time of the year.  The confusion comes when we try to combine the world’s Christmas themes with Biblical themes surrounding the birth of Christ.  Even stories told about the birth of the baby of Bethlehem can miss the point if their focus is on a little baby.  The birth of Christ isn’t as much about a baby being born as it is about God coming to us in the form of human flesh.  Yes, He was born as a baby but this baby grew to be a boy and then to become a man who suffered and died for our sins and was gloriously resurrected from the dead in a grand display of victory over death for all who believe in Him.  Christmas is really about Immanuel, “God with us.”

These Christmas devotionals are given to help us separate the true reason for Christmas from the world’s reasons for Christmas.  They were produced through the combined effort The Anchor Missionary Baptist Mission in Anchorage, Alaska and Harvest Missionary Baptist Church in Avon, Indiana. There is one devotional per day for the entire month of December that focuses our attention on Jesus Christ from eternity to the age of twelve when He said He must be about His Father’s business.  It is our desire and prayer that families or individuals will use them each day during December to be strengthened and encouraged by the true meaning of Christmas.

Special thanks go to the many contributors in both congregations who provided valuable assistance in writing, editing or formatting these devotionals.  These include:

The Anchor Missionary Baptist Mission – Elder James A. Keen, Pastor

 Harvest Missionary Baptist Church – Elder John A. Keen, Jr., Pastor

 May God bless you as you meditate on Jesus Christ during this Christmas season!

Pastors:   James A. Keen   &   John A. Keen, Jr.

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